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Abstract #1512

Software Tool for the Simultaneous Display and Automated Analysis of Multiparametric MRI Data of the Prostate

Harald Busse1, Josephin Otto1, Gregor Thrmer1, Nikita Garnov1, Thomas Kahn1, Michael Moche1

1Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Department, Leipzig University Hospital, Leipzig, Germany

A multiparametric MRI examination of the prostate typically generates a large number of individual images (over 500) and MR spectra (several hundreds). Analysis and review of these data can be a laborious and time-consuming procedure for the radiologist. This work describes and evaluate a non-commercial software solution for the analysis and simultaneous display of data from T2-weighted, diffusion-weighted, dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) and chemical shift imaging (CSI). Besides an automated calculation of semiquantitative DCE parameter maps, the tool also allows for a transparent overlay of selected low-error metabolite ratios from CSI data analyzed with a well-established spectroscopy software (LCModel).