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Abstract #1540

Evaluation of Anticancer-Drug Efficacy in Tumor-Bearing Rat by Using 19F/1H-MRI

Yosuke Otake1, Koji Hirata1, Yoshihisa Soutome1, Yoshitaka Bito1

1Hitachi, Ltd., Central Research Laboratory, Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan

A method for evaluating efficacy of 19F-containing drugs on the basis of an image of active metabolites obtained by 19F-MRI and a k-means class map of tumor status obtained by 1H-MRI was developed. This method was used to evaluate the drug efficacy of a 5-FU in a tumor-bearing rat. The obtained image of active metabolites and the k-means map of the rat were evaluated by using binary classification. The binary-classification result shows the regions of positive effect and negative effect of the 5-FU in the rat. The developed method will therefore be a powerful tool for pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics research.