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Abstract #1574

MRI Visualization of Intratumor Release/distribution of Liposomal Drugs Triggered by Sonication/sonoporation

Enzo Terreno1, Pierangela Giustetto1, Silvia Rizzitelli1, Cinzia Boffa1, Daniela Delli Castelli1, Silvio Aime1

1Department of Chemistry and Molecular & Preclinical Imaging Centers, University of Turin, Turin, TO, Italy

This contribution deals with the use of different acoustic radiations able to trigger a non-thermal drug release from liposomes and to cause a permeabilization of the cell membranes in the lesion that facilitates the drug diffusion in the tumor mass and enables the drug to be internalized by most of the cell phenotypes of the tumor. MRI was used to provide the necessary non-invasive guide for assessing the drug distribution (as well as the tumor growth) through the use of liposomes encapsulating the clinically approved paramagnetic complex Gadoteridol.