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Abstract #1604

Development of a Stiff MR-Compatible and MR-Safe Catheter Guidewire

Kai Dierkesmann1

1Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany

MR-guidance of catheter based interventions offer great advantages compared to x-ray imaging. However, sophisticated interventions such as transcatheter implantations of aortic valves (TAVI) or stent-grafts cannot benefit from those advantages because MR-safe and -compatible catheter guidewires with sufficient stiffness are not available yet. The development of a completely metal free guidewire made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics approximating steel-like stiffness is a promising approach to fill this gap. Investigation of prototypes with a stiff core, a flexible atraumatic tip and friction minimizing biocompatible coating showed great improvement in safety and artefact reduction compared to a conventional steel guidewire.