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Abstract #1717

3D Localized 2D J-Resolved MR Spectrum in a Single Scan

Tangi Roussel1, Patrick Giraudeau2, Hlne Ratiney1, Serge Akoka2, Sophie Cavassila1

1CREATIS, UMR CNRS 5220, INSERM U1044, Universit Claude Bernard Lyon1, University of Lyon, Lyon, Rhne-Alpes, France; 2CEISAM UMR CNRS 6230, Universit de Nantes

2D Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) is a well known tool for the analysis of complicated and overlapped MR spectra. However, 2D MRS suffers from long acquisition times due to the necessary collection of numerous increments in the indirect dimension (t1). This paper presents the first 3D localized 2D ultrafast J-resolved MRS sequence, developed on a small animal imaging system, allowing the acquisition of a 3D localized 2D J-resolved MRS spectrum in a single scan. Sensitivity and spatial localization properties were characterized. This sequence offers an efficient signal localization and shows a great potential for in vivo dynamic spectroscopy.