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Abstract #1722

Short TE Loalized 1H MR Spectroscopy of Mouse Cervical Spinal Cord at 11.75T Using Semi-LASER Sequence

Mohamed Tachrount1, Guillaume Duhamel1, Patrick Cozzone1, Virginie Callot1

1CNRS UMR 6612, Marseille, France

Short TE 1H MR Spectroscopy allows in vivo non-invasive assessment of central nervous system metabolism. It has however not been extensively applied in the spinal cord (SC) due to technical challenges. This work describes an optimized localized 1H MRS for examination of the mice cervical SC at very high magnetic field (11.75 T) using semi-LASER selection sequence. The optimized sequence was successfully validated on healthy mice. This work may open new perspectives to study various pathological conditions such as SC injury.