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Abstract #1830

Effect of Cell Membrane Water Permeability on Diffusion-Weighted MR Signal: A Study Using Expression-Controlled Aquaporin4 Cells

Takayuki Obata1, Jeff Kershaw2, Daigo Kuroiwa1, Sayaka Shibata2, Abe Yoichiro3, Masato Yasui3, Ichio Aoki2

1Center for Charged Particle Therapy, National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS), Chiba, Japan; 2Molecular Imaging Center, NIRS; 3Department of Pharmacology, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

We performed multi-b-value and multi-diffusion-time DWI on AQP4-nonexpressed (noAQ) and AQP4-expressed (AQ) cells to investigate the effect that CMP has on diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance signal. Significant signal differences between the noAQ and AQ cells were observed only at high b-values. Diffusion-time dependent ADC changes were also observed, but there were no significant differences between the noAQ and AQ cell samples.