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Abstract #1831

Microstructure of the Marmoset Cerebral Cortex Observed Using High Resolution Diffusion Weighted Imaging

Frank Q. Ye1, David A. Leopold1, Mustafa Irfanoglu2, Carlo Pierpaoli2, Afonso C. Silva3

1NIMH, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, United States; 2NICHD, National Institutes of Health; 3NINDS, National Institutes of Health

It is known that axons in the cerebral cortex show distinct organization patterns, which in principle can be mapped by diffusion MRI. Up to now, diffusion imaging has not yet proved its value in study the microstructure of cortical gray matter. In this study, q-ball diffusion data of high spatial resolution and high SNR were acquired from a fixed marmoset brain. Interesting diffusion contrasts are observed in various cortical regions that could potentially be used to delineate cortical layers or to parcellate cortical structures.