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Abstract #1840

An Approximate Analytical Formula for the Long Time Apparent Diffusion Coefficient

Jing-Rebecca Li1, Denis Grebenkov2, Cyril Poupon3, Denis Le Bihan3

1Equipe DEFI, INRIA-Saclay, Palaiseau Cedex, France; 2Laboratoire de Physique de la Matiere Condensee, CNRS -- Ecole Polytechnique, PALAISEAU CEDEX, France; 3Neurospin, CEA, Saclay, France

We give an approximate analytical formula for the long time apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) of the diffusion MRI signal attenuation in two and three dimensions. From the long time ADC measurements before and after cell swelling, we are able to use the analytical formula to accurately and robustly estimate the change in the cellular volume fraction