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Abstract #1953

High-Resolution Quantitative Cerebral Blood Volume Imaging in Humans Using the Blood Pool USPIO Contrast Agent Ferumoxytol

MAGNA25Thomas Christen1, Deqiang Qiu1, Wendy Wei Ni1, Georges Hankov1, Zungho Zun1, Michael Moseley1, Greg Zaharchuk1

1 Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

Cerebral blood volume (CBV) maps are usually acquired using Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast imaging which inherently limits the spatial resolution and signal to noise ratio of the images. In the present study, we used ferumoxytol (AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, MA) an FDA-approved compound to obtain steady-state high-resolution quantitative CBV maps in 5 healthy volunteers. The results show excellent contrast between white and gray matter as well as fine highly-detailed vascular structures. An average blood volume of 4% was found in the brain of all volunteers, consistent with prior literature values.