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Abstract #1967

Temporal Requirements in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI of Glioblastoma Multiforme

SUMMA25Magne Mrk Kleppest1, Christopher Larsson1, Raimo Aleksi Salo1, Jonas Vardal1, Kine Mari Bakke2, Knut Lote3, Petter Brandal3, I. Andre Rasmussen1, Atle Bjrnerud1, 2

1The Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway; 2Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway; 3Departement of Neuro-oncology, Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway

Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI is an established method of assessing brain hemodynamics and blood-brain-barrier integrity in brain tumors. The kinetic properties of the tumor is estimated from the measured signal intensity change following the administration of a contrast agent. However, there is no consensus on the temporal parameters required to obtain accurate and reproducable estimates from such measurements. Temporal resolution and total sampling duration affects the quality of the resulting parameter maps and is of practical importance in the clinic. The present work investigates how these parameters are best chosen to achieve reliable results in high-grade brain tumors.