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Abstract #1975

A Population Model for Clinical DCE-MRI Response to a Single Dose of Bevacizumab

Gregory Z. Ferl1, Shiv J. Acharya1, James P.B. O'Connor2, Geoffrey J.M. Parker2, Ruediger E. Port1

1Development Sciences, Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, CA, United States; 2Imaging Sciences Research Group, School of Medicine, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Here, we present a population level mathematical model that describes the time course of Ktrans response to a single dose of the therapeutic monoclonal antibody bevacizumab based on Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI data from a previously published post-licensing study, where Ktrans is a composite measure of vascular permeability to contrast agent, surface area and rate of tissue perfusion. We show that the model is capable of describing a Ktrans response characterized by rapid decrease during the first 4 hours post-dose, followed by a slower return to baseline over 12 days.