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Abstract #1987

Clinical Translation of VSI Using Ferumoxytol: Feasibility in a Phase I Oncology Clinical Trial Population

Jill Fredrickson1, Natalie Serkova2, Richard Carano1, Shelby Wyatt1, Andrea Pirzkall1, Colin Weekes2, Jeffrey Silverman3, Lee Rosen4, Alex de Crespigny1

1Genentech, South San Francisco, CA, United States; 2University of Colorado Hospital, Denver, CO; 3Landmark Imaging, LLC, Santa Monica, CA; 4Premiere Oncology, Santa Monica, CA

Vessel size imaging (VSI) metrics acquired using ferumoyxtol and stock pulse sequences in a Phase 1 patient population with advanced solid tumors are compared to pre-clinical results. Despite using half the ferumoxytol dose, % changes in both R2 and R2* are much greater in human liver metastases than in xenografts. Average vessel density is lower in humans due to the greater increase in ∆R2*. Clinical VSI is feasible using stock pulse sequences in a Phase 1 population; in particular, the high level of ferumoxytol in the normal liver does not prevent the measurement of VSI metrics in liver metastases.