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Abstract #2001

Look-Locker Acquisition for Estimation of Partial Volume Fractions in ASL Data

Jan Petr1, Georg Schramm1, Frank Hofheinz1, Jens Langner1, Jrg Steinbach1, Jrg van den Hoff1

1PET center, Department of Radiopharmacy, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany

Partial volume correction becomes an important issue in arterial spin labeling. It is usually done using the partial volume maps obtain by segmenting the high resolution T1-weighted images. This brings additional issues with imperfections in segmentation and corrections of image distortion. We propose an alternative by using T1 relaxation times obtained from the Look-Locker sequence to directly obtain the partial volume ratios. These ratios show higher agreement with the perfusion data than the standard T1-weighted images segmentation.