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Abstract #2066

Integration of Concurrent Real-Time FMRI and EEG Data: Simultaneous Real-Time FMRI and EEG Neurofeedback

Jerzy Bodurka1, Vadim Zotev1, Raquel Phillips1, Han Yuan1

1Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Tulsa, OK, United States

We describe the system we implemented on commercial MRI and EEG equipment in which we achieved integration of concurrent real-time fMRI (rtfMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) data for the purpose of simultaneous rtfMRI-EEG neurofeedback. This first-of-its-kind real-time simultaneous fMRI and EEG multimodal neurofeedback (rtfMRI-EEG-mnf) approach allows research participants to receive information about their cerebral electrophysiological and hemodynamic activity in real-time and to then use this information to volitionally self-regulate neural responses. This system can be used in the development of novel cognitive neuroscience research paradigms and novel enhanced cognitive therapeutic approaches for major psychiatric disorders.