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Abstract #2147

Single-Trial EEG Discriminant Components Acquired During 3T FMRI

Jennifer M. Walz1, Jordan Muraskin1, Robin I. Goldman1, Truman R. Brown2, Paul Sajda1

1Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY, United States; 2Radiology and Radiological Science, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, United States

We previously demonstrated that single-trial variability (STV) of EEG components recorded simultaneously with 1.5T fMRI can yield task-relevant BOLD activations that are unobservable using traditional fMRI analysis methods. A higher field MR system provides greater SNR of the fMRI BOLD signal, but reduces the SNR of the EEG due to increased magnitude of gradient, BCG, and motion artifacts. We have demonstrated the feasibility of our EEG-fMRI STV analysis methods in the more challenging environment of the higher-field 3T scanner, and we have surpassed our previous results in EEG discrimination performance, cluster size, and max z-score.