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Abstract #2146

Investigating the Duration of Brain Response to Acupuncture Stimulation by Using Independent Component Analysis

Tomokazu Murase1, Masahiro Umeda2, Yuko Kawai2, Yasuharu Watanabe2, Toshihiro Higuchi, Chuzo Tanaka

1Department of Neurosurgery, Meiji University of integrative Medicine, Nantan-shi, Kyoto, Japan; 2Department of informatics, Meiji University of integrative Medicine

We examined the correlation between the selected ICs and some hypothetical GLMs and predicted the temporal delay in brain activation induced by acupuncture. The fMRI data were analyzed using Tensor-ICA, and IC-related cerebral activity with each stimulation was selected to the activation area by referring to previous studies. Acupuncture stimulation for a duration of 15 s resulted in little cerebral activity; however, a duration of 30 s resulted in great cerebral activity in the predictable area. In conclusion, we found that changes in BOLD signals caused by acupuncture stimulation lasted for around 15 s after the stimulation.