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Abstract #2185

Characterization of Blood Pool Half Life of USPIO Contrast Agent Ferumoxytol in Humans

Deqiang Qiu1, Thomas Christen1, Wendy W. Ni1, Greg Zaharchuk1, Michael E. Moseley1

1Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

Ultra Small Paramagnetic Iron Oxide (USPIO) contrast agents have a strong T2* effect, which allows steady-state high-resolution quantitative Cerebral Blood Volume mapping (CBV) as well as enhanced sensitivity for fMRI based on CBV changes. We characterized the half-life of an FDA-approved USPIO compound ferumoxytol (AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, MA) in humans. The R2* values of the brain before and after contrast injection as well as at follow-up sessions were obtained. The half-life of the contrast agent was estimated to range from 12.1 hours to 22.6 hours, longer than that measured in animal studies.