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Abstract #2389

Optimized Method of Slopes (MoS) Produces Robust and Efficient 3D B1-Corrected T1 Maps

Sofia Chavez1

1Research Imaging Centre, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Method of Slopes (MoS) has been proposed for simultaneous 3D B1 and T1 mapping. It relies on the acquisition of 3D SPGR signal at four different nominal flip angles and TR=40ms for brain. In this work, the B1 and T1 mapping steps are separated, allowing for an optimal trade-off between TR and resolution at each sampled point, resulting in robust B1 and T1 mapping with minimal scan time. The MoS is shown to result in more precise and accurate T1 compared to the VFA . The robustness of the method allows parallel imaging to further reduce scan time.