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Abstract #2445

Towards Real-Time 4D Field Shift Predictions: Optimizing Fourier-Based Calculations of the Susceptibility Induced Perturbation of the Magnetic Field

J. G. Bouwman1, J. S. van Gorp2, P. R. Seevinck, C. J.G. Bakker

1Image Sciences Institute - Radiology, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2UMC Utrecht, Netherlands

Upspeeding the Fourier-Based calculation of the suceptibility induced field. A higher level of efficiency can be gained if the alias prevention by zero-padding is decoupled from the actual field calculation. This can be done by afterwards estimating this aliasing in a lower resolution. This 'virtual' zero-padding is more than three times faster compared to conventional zero-padding, with only minor accuracy loss. This algorithm is especially applicable in dynamic field shift calculations.