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Abstract #2539

Faster and More Robust MRI Using Sharable Information Among Images with Different Contrasts

Feng Huang1, Yu Li2, Wei Lin1, George Randy Duensing1, Arne Reykowski1

1Invivo Corporation, Gainesville, FL, United States; 2Radiology Department, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

A typical clinical MR examination is composed of a number of scans to acquired images with different contrasts, such as T1w, T2w and DWI. Currently, the acquisition and reconstruction schemes of these scans are independent to each other. In the presented work, we propose to jointly optimizing the acquisitions and reconstructions of a multi-scan MRI examination for faster and more robust MRI. The theory behind this concept is that the information such as B0 field, optimized acquisition trajectory, reconstruction parameters, etc, can be shared among all scans for different contrasts since the same subject is scanned in the same system using the same RF coil. This idea is fundamentally different from previous method that using one set of acquisition to artificially produce images with different contrast.