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Abstract #2592

3D Gradient System for Two B0 Field Directions by Using Concomitant Fields in Earth Field MRI

Steffen Lother1, 2, Uvo C. Hlscher1, Peter M. Jakob1, 2, Florian Fidler1

1Research Center Magnetic-Resonance-Bavaria (MRB), Wuerzburg, Bavaria, Germany; 2Department for Experimental Physics 5 (Biophysics), University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Bavaria, Germany

We built for our earth field MRI setup a gradient system that is capable of dealing with two B0 field directions. It is benefiting to have the opportunity to orientate the prepolarizing field parallel and perpendicular to the B0 field. We were able to show with the help of the concomitant fields the number of necessary coils can be reduced. We spare two coils in comparison to two independent gradient sets. These gradients can even be used for further B0 field directions and therefore this promise new applications and results in more compact setups.