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Abstract #2593

High Resolution 3D TrueFISP Images of Guinea Pig Inner Ear Using the Composite Gradient Systems on a Clinical 3T MRI System

Seong-Eun Kim1, K Craig Goodrich1, Richard Wiggins1, Jason Mendes1, Dennis L. Parker1

1UCAIR Department of Radiology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Our composite system has the distinct advantage that both of standard and insert gradient systems can be operated simultaneously and/or independently. With simultaneous acquisition, the gradient strength available from either system alone can be increased. The use of composite gradients will allow high resolution SSFP images without increasing TR or bandwidth, allowing for improved inner ear imaging. To test the utility of this composite gradient system we scanned the temporal bone of guinea pigs with the composite and body gradients only and compared image quality.