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Abstract #2711

Sound Level Comparison Between Insert, Whole Body, Composite Gradients

K Craig Goodrich1, Seong-Eun Kim1, Robb Merrill1, Yong Wang2, Richard Wiggins1, J Rock Hadley1, Dennis L. Parker1

1UCAIR, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Ut, United States; 2Otolaryngology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Ut, United States

This work is a comparison of Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) using three gradient modes: 1) Head/neck insert operating alone, 2) Whole body gradients operating alone, and 3) Composite mode gradients where the gradient fields of the first 2 modes are superimposed. SPL of three pulse sequences (GRE, CISS and EPI) for the three gradient modes were measured. Then for GRE SPL as a function of receiver bandwidth, slew rate and field of view were explore. Then SPL for increased insert proportion of gradient field strength was measure up to maximum composite mode gradient strength. Attempts were made to attenuate SPL of the composite system.