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Abstract #2712

MR Testing of Gradient-Induced Vibrations Using an Optical Contact-Free Sensor Within the Switched Gradient Magnetic Field of a 1.5 Tesla MR System.

Gregor Schaefers1, Michael Scholten2, Pascal Bartnik, Amin Douiri, Wolfgang Grtz

1MR Safety Testing Laboratory, MR:comp GmbH, Gelsenkirchen, NRW, Germany; 2MR:comp GmbH, Germany

A likely, but less investigated interaction of the switched gradient field with medical implants is vibration. Vibrations are caused by induced eddy-currents in electrically conductive structures of medical devices. Measurement of vibrations in an MR environment is a complex experiment. It seems that optical systems will be the best choice for minmizing interferences due to measurement. By placing an optical sensor in the magnet bore, near to different test objects it was feasible detecting gradient-induced vibrations quantitatively and contact-free.