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Abstract #2857

Multiplexed Spiral Sequence for High Temporal Resolution Resting State FMRI

MAGNA25Benedikt Andreas Poser1, V Andrew Stenger1

1UH-QMC Neuroscience and MR Research Program, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, United States

There is demand for shorter whole-brain fMRI acquisition times to allow clear separation of signals from resting state networks and unwanted phsysiological fluctuations (e.g. motion, respiratory and cardiac noise). Multiplexed 2D EPI has been proposed to improve temporal resolution. We investigate multiplexed spiral-in acquisition as a more efficent approach because TE is at the end of the sequence. Factor three multiplexing gave whole brain coverage with 36 slices in 420ms. RS fMRI at 3T showed clear sampling of physiologcial noise in the time courses.