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Abstract #2914

Non-Invasive Quantification of Absolute Cerebral Blood Volume Applicable to the Whole Human Brain

Pelin Aksit Ciris1, Maolin Qiu1, Robert Todd Constable1

1Yale University, New Haven, CT, United States

CBV changes occur across diverse pathologies and during functional challenges, however, measurements have been invasive and difficult especially in humans. In this study, whole brain absolute CBV (mL blood/100mL parenchyma) was measured non-invasively in 13 human volunteers during visual stimulation; by further developing a method based on a biophysical model with rotating multi-slice acquisitions maintaining steady state. Such non-invasive quantification could foster improved understanding of the relationship between neuronal activity, hemodynamic changes and metabolism underlying fMRI signal, provide a reference for calibrated fMRI, and potentially find clinical utility in evaluating vascular state, vascular damage, and/or monitoring treatments.