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Abstract #2935

Respiratory Gating of MRgHIFU Treatments in vivo Using an Optical Motion Tracking System

Vincent Auboiroux1, Lorena Petrusca1, Magalie Viallon2, Denis Morel3, Arnaud Muller4, Thomas Goget1, Joerg Roland5, Sylvain Terraz2, Christoph D. Becker2, R

1Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland; 2Radiology Department, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland; 3Anesthesiology Department, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland; 4MRI Center, Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud, Lyon, France; 5Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany

An in-bore digital camera was used for the monitoring in real time of fiducial markers attached to the skin as direct estimators of the respiratory phase, in the context of interventional MRI for moving organs. The detection of the quiet-phase of exhalation based on in-bore optical acquisition allowed robust triggering of MR acquisitions (MR-ARFI and MR-thermometry) and HIFU sonications and yielded accurate ARFI and thermal maps, without measurable motion-induced artifacts. The feasibility of this no touch approach for the follow-up of the position in the respiratory cycle was demonstrated in vivo in sheep kidney and liver (trans-costal).