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Abstract #3001

Cut-Off Values of the Absolute Concentration of Total Choline for the Differentiation of Early Breast Cancer, Locally Advanced Breast Cancer, Benign and Normal Breast Tissues Using Proton in vivo MRS in Large Cohort of Women

Rani G. Sah1, Uma Sharma1, Rajinder Parshad2, Vurthaluru Seenu2, Naranamangalam Raghunathan Jagannathan1

1Department of NMR & MRI Facility, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Delhi, India; 2Department of Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Delhi, India

High choline-containing metabolite (tCho) differentiates malignant breast tissues from benign lesions. However, tCho is also seen in normal and in lactating breast tissues and hence there is need for determination of absolute tCho concentration. Early breast cancer patients had significantly higher tCho concentration compared to locally advanced breast cancer patients. The cut-off values of tCho concentration obtained gave clear differentiation between early, locally advanced breast cancer, benign lesions and normal breast tissues. The results help in the progress of breast proton MRS from the stage of investigational research to the role that could be efficaciously used in routine clinical practice.