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Abstract #3193

Correlation Analysis of MRI Features and Ki-67 Index in High-Grade Meningioma with Recurrence of Tumors

Tieqiao Du1, Mingwang Zhu, Xueling Qi2, Dianjiang Zhao

1Radiology, Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital, Beijing, China; 2Pathology

To observe correlation of MRI imaging features and Ki-67 index in high-grade meningioma with recurrence of tumors.30 patients were performed MRI scanning and detected Ki-67 index. There were 13 grade and 17 grade meningiomas. Logistic regression analysis showed that recurrence risk of meningioma was increasing with grade increasing, vital brain structure involved and tumor size increasing. MRI play an important role in preoperative prediction of the meningioma relapse. Ki-67 index can act as a predictor of the tumor recurrence. The higher the grade of meningiomas is, the higher recurrent rate and the shorter duration of recurrence will be.