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Abstract #3194

Perifocal Apparent Diffusion Coefficient in Gliomas

M. Vittoria Spampinato1, Ali Tabesh2, Pritesh Topiwala, Muhammad U. Manzoor, Paul Morgan3, Zoran Rumboldt2

1Radiology and Radiological Science, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, United States; 2Medical University of South Carolina, United States; 3University of Nottingham

We assessed peritumoral water diffusivity on pretreatment MRI in twenty-one gliomas (low-grade = 5; high-grade =16). Eight VOIs were obtained in 3D ranges away from the tumor VOI (including the tumor and surrounding T2 prolongation) for a distance of 4 cm (5 mm incremental steps). Perifocal normalized mean ADC values were significantly lower in high- than low-grade gliomas 10-25 mm away from the tumor; normalized lowest 25th percentile were significantly lower in high- than low-grade gliomas 10-30 mm away from the tumor. Perifocal ADC measurement in gliomas may reflect the magnitude of tumor infiltration beyond the abnormality on conventional MRI.