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Abstract #3220

Microstructural Development of the Corticospinal Tract in Neonates with Transposition of the Great Arteries Investigated with DTI Before and After Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery.

Malek Makki1, Rabia Liamlahi2, Hitendu Dave3, Klaudija Batinic2, Walter Knirsch2, Vera Bernet4, Ianina Scheer5, Cornelia Hagmann6, Bea Latal7

1MRI Research, University Children Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland; 2Cardiology, University Children Hospital Zurich; 3Congenital Cardiovascular Surgery, University Children Hospital Zurich; 4Pediatric Intensive Care, University Children Hospital Zurich; 5Diagnostic Imaging, University Children Hispital Zurich; 6Neonatalogy, University Hospital Zurich; 7Child Development, University Children Hospital Zurich

The cortico-spinal tract (CST) of 15 neonates with TGA who had pre and post surgucal DTI was compared to 10 age matched healthy controls. Hemispheric analysis of the CST was performed at 4 levels: superior corona-radiata CR, posterior limb of internal capsule PLIC, cerebral peduncle CP, and medullar CST). Bilateral decreases of FA were seen in the CR and the M-CST of the post-surgical group compared to healthy controls and pre-surgical group originated by significant increases in perpendicular diffusion. We also reported asymmetric development of the CP in the post compared to pre surgery groups