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Abstract #3280

Determination of Oxygen Consumption in Calf Muscle Through Combined ASL Perfusion and T2 Oxymetry Measurements at 3.0 T.

Nicolas Decorte1, Ericky Caldas de Almeida Araujo2, Alexandre Vignaud3, Pierre G. Carlier2

1Institute of Myology, AIM and CEA , Paris, 75013, France; 2Institute of Myology, AIM and CEA, Paris, 75013, France; 3Siemens Healthcare, Saint Denis, France

Functional NMR imaging, among its many variations, offers the possibility to measure non-invasively muscle perfusion by arterial spin labeling (ASL) and blood oxygenation via the T2 dependence on haemoglobin saturation. In this study, we show that muscle ASL and T2 determination of arterial and venous blood may be combined to calculate muscle oxygen consumption non-invasively and with a temporal resolution compatible with physiological studies.