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Abstract #3292

Knee Cartilage T1 Mapping with High Resolution Multi Slice Inversion Recovery: Feasibility, Reproducibility and Accuracy

Henk Smit1, J. van Tiel1, E.E. Bron1, D. Poot1, G.C. Houston2, W.J. Niessen1, 3, H. Weinans1, G.P. Krestin1, S. Klein1, E.H.G. Oei1, G.

1Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, Netherlands; 2GE Healthcare, Netherlands; 3Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

In conventional T1 mapping of the human knee cartilage the low resolution is a problem. We propose and evaluate an alternative T1 mapping technique of the cartilage. Multi-Slice Inversion Recovery with ARC parallel readout allows high resolution knee cartilage images in a short time. Also a method for error estimation of the derived T1 values is presented, which is used to compute a weighted mean T1 over a region of interest. Reproducibility is tested on healthy volunteers and sensitivity to cartilage damage is shown on an osteoarthritis patient.