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Abstract #3370

CEST MRI of Human Knee Cartilage at 3T and 7T

Anup Singh1, Mohammad Haris1, Kejia Cai1, Victor Babu1, Feliks Kogan1, Hari Hariharan1, Ravinder Reddy1

1Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States

The sensitivity of gagCEST in human knee cartilage is evaluated at 3T and 7T field strengths. Calculated gagCEST values without accounting for B0 inhomogeneity (~0.6 ppm) were > 20%. After B0 inhomogeneity correction, calculated gagCEST values were negligible at 3T and ~6% at 7T. Results obtained with varying saturation pulse durations and amplitudes as well as the consistency between numerical simulations and our experimental results indicate that the negligible gagCEST observed at 3T is due to direct saturation effects and fast exchange rate. At high fields such as 7T, this method holds promise as a viable clinical technique.