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Abstract #3502

Uncertainty in the Pharmacokinetic Analysis of a Modified Reference Region Model Using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI

Yen-Peng Liao1, Chi-Jen Chen1, 2, Ho-Ling Liu3

1Department of Medical Imaging, Taipei Medical University - Shuang Ho Hospital, New Taipei City, Taiwan, Taiwan; 2Department of Medicine, Taipei Medical University, Taipei City, Taiwan, Taiwan; 3Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan County, Taiwan, Taiwan

A modified reference region (mRR) model including vascular term for dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging (DCE-MRI) can quantify physiological parameters without the need of an arterial input function (AIF). However, inaccurate assumptions of the parameters of a reference region (RR) may induce large estimation error in the quantification of a tissue of interest (TOI). This study aimed to assess the uncertainty in the pharmacokinetic analysis with a mRR model using computer simulations. The results showed estimation errors of [+41.8 to -17.08], [+47.85 to -21.08], and [+37.67 to -24.33] for [-30% to +30%] variations on inaccurate K trans,RR, ve,RR and vp,RR , respectively.