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Abstract #3618

Evaluating Tractography in Spatially Normalized DTI Data

Nagesh Adluru1, Do P. M. Tromp1, Hui Zhang2, Andrew L. Alexander1

1University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, United States; 2University College London, United Kingdom

Tract specific analyses allow for statistical mapping of individual differences in specific white matter (WM) pathways. A crucial step involved in such advanced analyses is performing tractography in spatially normalized diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data. Spatial normalization of DTI data often involves highly non-linear transformations of the acquired data with embedded interpolations of the data. Our study aims at investigating the effects of such transformations on the anatomical consistency of the normalized space tractography compared to the acquired space tractography. Our results demonstrate that DTI spatial normalization does preserve properties of WM tractography with a high degree of consistency.