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Abstract #3619

Inter Hemispheric Transfer Time and Axon Diameter Properties of the Corpus Callosum

Assaf Horowitz1, Daniel Barazany, Galit Yovel, Yaniv Assaf

1Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel, Israel

The corpus callosum (CC) is one of the largest fiber systems in the brain connecting and transferring information between the two hemispheres. Axcaliber is a diffusion MRI methodology the thorough analysis of multi-diffusion time, high b value DWI acquisition, allows the estimation of the axon diameter distribution (ADD). In this study we aimed to examine the inter-hemispheric transfer time (IHTT) and its relation to different axonal properties of the CC. We found that the ADD micro-structural differences at different parts of the CC are the base for the behavioral reaction time (IHTT) differences.