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Abstract #3789

Progressive Alteration of Regional Principal Strain Magnitude and Orientation During Post-Infarct Left Ventricular Remodeling

Kevin J. Koomalsingh1, Jeremy R. McGarvey1, Chun Xu1, Gerald A. Zsido1, Kristen Dillard1, Christina Lau1, Gabrielle Pilla1, Norihiro Kondo1, Manabu Takebe1,

1University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Cardiac function after infarction is impaired due to deceased contracting myocardium and mechanical effects on the normal myocardium. Following myocardial infarction changes in infarct material properties alter regional wall strain during left ventricular remodeling. Results show a significant decrease in strain magnitude for all regions acutely post infarct with strain increasing in the border zone and infarct chronically. Strain angle for all regions at baseline are aligned with the radial direction signifying wall thickening while as the infarct heals the infarct and border zone angles become less radial indicating stretch. This stretch is potentially the stimulus for remodeling.