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Abstract #3873

Non-Contrast Enhanced Time-Resolved 4D MRA Using Multi-Bolus TrueSTAR

Lirong Yan1, Danny JJ Wang1

1Neurology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Non-contrast time-resolved 4-D MR angiography (MRA) has been proposed recently by combining pulsed ASL with a segmented multi-phase trueFISP sequence (TrueSTAR). However, the SNR of dynamic MRA signal is limited and the labeled blood relaxes within a short duration following the labeling pulse. The present study proposes a novel multi-bolus TrueSTAR technique that employs a train of intermittent inversion pulses interleaved with multi-phase trueFISP acquisitions. The experimental data show that this technique can provide an enhanced and prolonged labeling bolus for dynamic MRA without sacrificing imaging speed or temporal resolution.