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Abstract #3919

Cerebral Cine PC-MRI to Investigate Brain Hemodynamic of Neonates with Transposition of the Great Arteries Before and After Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery.

Malek I. Makki1, Olivier Baledent2, Hitendu Dave3, Walter Knirsch4, Bea Latal5, Ianina Scheer6, Cornelia Hagmann7

1MRI Research Center, University Chidlren Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland; 2Imagerie Medicale, CHU Nord Amiens, France; 3Congenital Cardiovascular Surgery, University Children Hospital Zurich; 4Cardiology, University Children Hospital Zurich; 5Child Development, University Children Hospital Zurich; 6Diagnostic Imaging, University Children Hospital - Zurich; 7Neonatalogy, University Hospital Zurich

We applied 2D cine PC-MRI to investigate brain hemodynamic of 4 term neonates with TGA before and after CPB surgery along with 4 age-matched healthy neonates. Flows were bilaterally measured in the internal carotid, vertebral arteries and jugular veins and we combined left and right measures. We observed striking differences in the shape and peak values of the pre-surgical group compared to healthy controls both in systolic and diastolic period. We also reported significant changes in the arterio-venous flows of these patients following CPB surgery where the peak values at both systole and diastole resembled that of healthy controls.