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Abstract #3948

Inflow Inversion Recovery Steady State Free Precession with Tracking Navigator

Yuji Iwadate1, Anja C.S. Brau2, Naoyuki Takei1, Hiroyuki Kabasawa1

1Global Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare Japan, Hino, Tokyo, Japan; 2Global Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Menlo Park, CA, United States

Inflow inversion recovery steady state free precession (IFIR FIESTA) with respiratory triggering is a free-breathing 3D technique for renal MR angiography without contrast agent. We propose a new respiratory triggered IFIR FIESTA technique which adds navigator echoes dedicated for slab tracking to compensate motion at image acquisition timing. The new method improved delineation of the arteries with an inconsistent breather whose end-expiration position varied between imaging periods.