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Abstract #3949

MR Compatible Doppler-Ultrasound Device to Trigger the Heart Frequency in Cardiac MRI: Comparison to ECG

Ulrike Wedegaertner1, Jin Yamamura1, Bjrn Schnnagel1, Chressen Much1, Claus Valett1, Gerhard Adam1

1Radiology, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany

In this study a MR compatible Doppler-ultrasound device was developed to trigger the heart frequency during cardiac MR imaging. A commercially available ultrasound transducer was modified, so that the heart beat could be recorded during the whole scanning time without any artifacts. Cardiac MRI was performed using the novel MR compatible Doppler-ultrasound and conventional ECG for triggering. There was no difference between both methods in the evaluation of anatomical structures and functional information. The MR compatible Doppler-ultrasound device might be faster and easier in the application compared to ECG.