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Abstract #4114

Fat Suppression for Continuously Moving Table Whole-Body Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Using the Gradient Reversal Technique

Yeji Han1, Yoojin Lee1, ChangHyun Oh1, HyunWook Park1

1Department of Electrical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, Korea, Republic of

Although whole-body DWI (wbDWI) is generally performed using the multistation approach, a recent work has demonstrated that the continuously moving table (CMT) approach produces images with more homogeneity in terms of temporal and spatial discontinuities. In the CMT-wbDWI, short tau inversion recovery (STIR) was used to suppress fat but remains of the fat signal could still be observed in the images. In this abstract, we propose to use the gradient reversal (GR) algorithm for CMT-wbDWI and analyze how the GR algorithm can improve the fat suppression results of the CMT sequences.