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Abstract #4127

Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: Comparison of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging and T2-Weighted Imaging in Accurately Localizing Tumor Recurrence

Chunmei Li1, Min Chen, Luxian Zhang, Chen Zhang, Cheng Zhou

1Beijing Hospital, Beijing, China

Purpose: To compare accuracy in the detection of recurrent ovarian cancer with DWI and T2WI on 1.5 T MR and determine whether imaging information can predict survival.Methods: Axial T2WI and DWI of 21 women were independently analyzed by two radiologists. Tumor presence, number of lesions, size and minimal ADC were recorded for patient and region. Receiver operator characteristic curves were generated.Results: Readers AUCs in detection of recurrence were higher for DWI than for T2WI. Size, number ADC value were significantly associated with poor survival. Conclusion: DWI may improve accuracy in the detection and localization of recurrent ovarian cancer on 1.5 T MR. Some imaging findings can be used to predict survival.