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Abstract #4239

Application of T1-Weighted Contrast Enhancement in EPRI/MRI Co-Imaging of Isolated Rat Heart

Ziqi Sun1, Sergey Petryakov1, Wael F. Alzawahra1, Jay L. Zweier1

1Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States

T1-weighted (T1W) contrast enhancement using free radical probe as the contrast agent is applied for EPRI/MRI co-imaging of isolated rat hearts. Hyper-intense signal intensity was observed in the right-ventricle of the rat heart in the 3D T1W image, which is consistent with the greater signal intensity shown in the low resolution 3D EPRI image overlaid onto the high resolution 3D T1W image. This result indicates that high resoltion T1-weighted MRI technique is useful in accurately dipicting free radical probe distribution within tissue in EPRI/MRI co-imaging experiments.