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Abstract #4357

Diagnostic Activity of a New Targeted Theranostic Agent for the Peri-Infarct Region in Stroke

Jess Agulla1, David Brea1, Barbara Argibay1, Miguel Blanco1, Jos Castillo1, Pedro Ramos-Cabrer1

1Clinical Neuriosciences Research Laboratory, Department of Neurology, University Clinical Hospital, University of Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

In this work we report the development of a theranostic molecule containing Gadolinium based imaging probes, targeted to cells of the peri-infarct region in stroke. The molecular marker used as target for peri-infarct tissue was found by proteomic and immunohistological studies. Fluorescence microscopy and MRI were used to test the diagnostic capacity of the theranostic molecule, allowing the identification of cells of the peri-infarct region.