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Abstract #4367

Consistency Conditions in MRI-Based Attenuation Correction for Hybrid PET/MRI Scanners

Zhengyi Yang1, Viktor Vegh1, Ian Turner2, David Reutens1

1Center for Advanced imaging, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 2School of Mathematical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Attenuation correction in PET/MRI imaging is a challenging task because the attenuation map is difficult to be calculated due to the lack of information on tissue classification in MRI image. Consistency conditions on PET emission data contain useful information on the attenuation map and can be employed to regularize the creation of MRI-based attenuation map. In this study, the efficacy of consistency conditions were validated on simulated images of normal brain and brain with lesion. The results indicated these conditions are insensitive to brain lesions in finding the attenuation coefficients of each tissue class.