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Abstract #4371

Automated Workflow for MR-PET Attenuation Correction in a Tri-Modality System Using Dixon Fat-Water Imaging Based Tissue Classification

Dattesh D. Shanbhag1, Sheshadri Thiruvenkadam1, Sandeep Kaushik1, Rakesh Mullick2, Scott D. Wollenweber3, Florian Wiesinger4

1Medical Image Analysis Laboratory, GE Global Research, Bangalore, Karnataka, India; 2GE Global Research, Biosignatures & Signal Processing, Bangalore, Karnataka, India; 3GE Healthcare, PET Clinical Science, Waukesha, WI, United States; 4Diagnostics & Biomedical Tech Laboratory, GE Global Research, Garching b. Munchen, Germany

We have demonstrated an automated workflow for generation of the attenuation map for body Dixon-based MRI for PET attenuation correction. The use of a tri-modality system with dedicated patient transporter results in minimal degree of motion between PET-CT and MRI scans and thereby improves the validation accuracy of attenuation correction of MR-PET system with gold standard PET-CT system.