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Abstract #4370

Simultaneous and Quantitative Tracking of Distinct Cell Populations Using 19F MRI

Mangala Srinivas1, Fernando Bonetto2, Jurjen Tel1, Gerty Schreibelt1, Javier Cruz3, Arend Heerschap4, Carl Figdor1, Jolanda de Vries1

1Tumor Immunology, RUNMC, Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands; 2INTEC-CONICET, Argentina; 3Molecular Imaging, UMC Leiden, Leiden, Netherlands; 4Radiology, RUNMC, Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands

The use of 19F MRI for cell tracking is a relatively new field. We demonstrate the tracking of two distinct primary human dendritic cell subsets, as used in clinical trials, using distinct 19F resonances. Typically, such multispectral analyses are done using chemical shift imaging (CSI); here we use a modified gradient echo sequence to image both cell populations simultaneously, quantitatively and efficiently (several fold faster than CSI). We use clinically applicable nanoparticle labels, with distinct fluorescent dyes to enable multimodal imaging. We find that labeling has minimal effect on cells, in terms of viability, maturation and migration.